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Does Hypnosis work for Weight Loss?

February 03, 2020

Does Hypnosis work for Weight Loss?

Trying to lose weight or eat healthier is a goal most of us have at some point, and it can be a tough one to achieve! There’s a reason why it dominates the self-help world, and will ALWAYS continue to do so.

But what if I told you, that you don’t need to beat yourself up, every time you fail to make healthier food choices or miss your exercise routine.

Before we get into the ‘lean meat’ of the article, see what I did there…Lets quickly answer the question: Does Hypnosis work for Weight Loss?

Guided Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective aid in the process of weight loss, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology. Most people wanting to lose weight report that they have specific issues that they battle with specific foods. For example, many dieters say that they struggle with sweets, while others say they their challenges lie with salty or crunchy foods. Dieters often report that particular times of the day are an issue for them. In cases in which eating patterns and habits are the cause of weight problems, hypnosis can help to re-calibrate eating patterns.

Ok that’s great news! You have within you the power to achieve whatever you want, but there is another part of you that is pre-programmed to sabotage you. And it’s that part of you that’s running the show.

Think of your subconscious mind as the core processing unit (CPU) of your computer (mind). Now you can add hardware and software to your computer but if the core processor is damaged or faulty, then the output will be impaired. No matter how many times you refresh the program, it will always revert to the core processor settings.

Translation: No matter how strong your will-power is, making the correct food choices and disciplining yourself to exercise every day is exhausting. And unfortunately, sooner or later you will return to your previous habits, sad but true.

Need more proof: 95% Of Diets Don't Work

But Why Don't They Work? Great question, read on to find out…

The main problem with diets are, they don’t alter your relationship or behaviour with food. They just don't address the hidden issues that have caused you to gain weight in the first place.

Overeating is one of the biggest causes of obesity and it starts with our relationship with food. Many people use food as a way of coping with uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, anger, stress or loneliness.  Eating has a way of temporarily suppressing negative emotions. Unfortunately, the feeling of comfort doesn't last and leaves us feeling guilty, ashamed or depressed after eating.

There are 5 key reasons why we turn to food. Remember it is our desire to heal our pain or to feel better about ourselves that drives us to overeat:

Anxiety - When we are uncertain or feeling anxious about a situation, we often turn to food as a way of soothing our feelings of panic.  Eating that piece of chocolate cake or donut has a way of calming the chemicals that are racing through our body.

Comfort - We may bury our need for love, nurture, belonging or acceptance and tell ourselves we don't need these. Or we may be so busy taking care of others that we deny our own needs. When we feel sad we may reach for the sugary treats as a way of comforting ourselves.

Distress - There are times when we feel overwhelmed by our emotions, afraid that if we actually give in and 'feel' them, we may be swamped and out of control. When we feel vulnerable, our brain moves into protection mode. Many of us are taught to minimise or deny our feelings when we are very young and never learn healthy ways of managing our emotions.

Frustration - When we feel out of control or frustrated and feel we have no outlet for our emotions, we often turn to food as a way to calm our mood.

Judgement - There are times when things go wrong and we feel terrible about our behaviour or a mistake we have made. By choosing to overeat in these moments, we are not only trying to soothe our emotions but also punishing ourselves for what we perceive as unacceptable behaviour.

85% of people who overeat say they have a negative body image

79% feel pressure from society to lose weight

Ok enough negativity! So, what do we do about, we know that will power alone isn’t enough, what is the solution to permanent weight loss damn it?!

Guided Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Remember a little while earlier, I gave you that super cool analogy about the subconscious mind being the CPU to your Mind. Well Guided Hypnosis reprograms your CPU, so that your Mind accepts new behaviours, BETTER Behaviours. Which in turn create new habits, GOOD Habits, that Free You From Cravings And Support You On Your Weight Loss Journey To The Body You Deserve!!!

In short guided hypnosis, can change your look, taste or feel for food. It’s like creating a new reality within your subconscious mind. It’s like your mind suddenly knows there are other options out there, instead of clinging to old ones.

Fact: Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality. Isn’t it time to take advantage of that?

Now the good stuff, what can our Guided Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Do for You:

  • Neutralise The Way Stress Affects Your Eating & Metabolism
  • Have a More Positive, Fun and Energetic view of Exercise
  • Gain Confidence and Develop A Positive Self Image
  • Crave Healthy Foods Which Will Only Nourish Your Body
  • Feel Good About Healthy Eating & Exercise
  • Save Money On Expensive Or Difficult Exercise Programs or Surgeries
  • Finally Achieve Your Perfect Size Permanently

What if I told you, that by simply listening to our Guided Hypnosis Weight Loss Program:

-You started choosing healthy food naturally.

-Couldn't wait to get out the door to exercise.

-Had more energy than ever before

-Were less stressed, became more confident and started to appreciate your body and the person you are!

And what if you finally stepped into your Perfect Size and knew that no matter what might happen in the future, you’ll always be able to maintain it?

If this sounds interesting to you, then click on the following link and order our Self Hypnosis To Lose Weight today.




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