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Does Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Work?

February 03, 2020

Does Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Work?

The short answer to the question is Yes!

Imagine a completely non-invasive procedure that works exactly like it’s physical counterpart.

To clarify: I’m saying that the virtual gastric band works exactly like the physical procedure of placing a band around the upper part of your stomach. Except there is no surgery required!

Well what is a Virtual Gastric Band and How does it work? Great questions, lets read on to find out!  

What is Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

Gastric Band Hypnosis is a virtual procedure, that uses only the power of suggestion and is completely safe. Unlike the surgical one, which comes with potential risks and complications.

Your subconscious mind is programmed to believe that you have had a gastric band fitted around your stomach. You know when they say: It’s only the truth if you believe it is the truth! So, if you tell your subconscious mind that you’ve been fitted with a gastric band, it believes you!

The benefits of listening to our gastric band hypnosis are just amazing: Many people after just one listening session, report feeling fuller quicker, as if their stomach has really been constricted! It only gets better day by day, as you being to lose weight rapidly!

Just like the real surgery, your subconscious mind will be convinced that you’ve had an operation to insert a gastric band in your stomach. But it’s so much more than that, unlike the real surgery which carries a multitude of risks: patients can suffer constant nausea, regurgitation and worse still – some patients need to have their bands adjusted or removed completely due to serious complications developing.

That’s we at Authority Hypnosis, have developed a two-pronged approach to our virtual gastric band hypnosis. Unlike the surgical gastric band, which doesn’t address lifestyle changes or bad eating habits. We have developed our virtual gastric band with the following key components:

  1. Firstly, we address the root cause of your emotional eating. Our hypnosis session encourages your subconscious mind to recognise, break and substitute any unhealthy thought patterns surrounding the food you eat. Think of this as a fundamental perquisite prior to starting the virtual gastric band treatment.
  2. Next, through guided self-hypnosis, the virtual gastric band treatment is carried out. The premise behind the procedure is to convince you at a subconscious level that you have had an operation to insert a gastric band. The aim is that your body responds to this suggestion by making you feel fuller quicker, as if you had the real surgery. This in turn, reduces your food portions significantly, but you still feel satisfied!

But wait there’s more, by continually listening to this hypnotherapy session, you’ll accelerate your weight loss goals that much quicker. If this sounds interesting to you, then click on the following link and order our virtual gastric band hypnosis session today.




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