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How to meet your Guardian Angels

September 04, 2017

How to meet your Guardian Angels…

Guardian Angel Meet

Meeting Your Guardian Angels

Hey…I’ve got some good news for you, you’ve got a Guardian Angel! In fact everyone does, whether they know it or not. But it gets better, they’re looking out for you right now. Yes I said they, you’ve got more than one! Think of them like an invisible cloak, comforting and supporting you in your everyday life.

But before you can meet your guardian angels, it’s probably worth asking yourself:

What are Guardian Angels?

I’m glad you asked, great question, well in a nutshell Guardian Angels have one job. They’re angels with the sole purpose of protecting and guiding a particular person. Who gives them this job, who else, but the big guy himself, God.

From the moment you’re born, God assigns you a Guardian Angel(s). These angels carefully watch over you, protect you and guide you, until you pass.

So now you’re probably thinking, well that’s great and all! But exactly what kind of protection and guidance do I get.

Strictly speaking, there isn’t exactly a clear cut list, but here’s some core responsibilities of a guardian angel:

  • They help you avoid danger, whether it’s physical or moral. You know that gut feeling you get, when you know something is wrong. Maybe it’s realising when someone is giving you bad advice. Chances are, you’re Guardian Angel is interacting with you, we sometimes call it inner dialogue.

  • They heal your soul, this is a big one. We all know life brings many trials and tribulations. At some point we all go through hardships. Be it grief over losing a loved one, or mental stress from everyday life. But no matter how hard it gets, we always find optimism and courage to push on. Think of your Guardian Angel as reaching out and literally touching you. Suddenly we get this overwhelming sense of warmth that everything is going to be okay.

  • They give you guidance in life. Think of them as 24/7 spiritual tech support, always there to answer our call with words of wisdom. The more receptive we are, the more help they can give us.

Tapping Into Angelic Energies: How to Connect With Your Guardian Angels

Right lets get started, and oh yeah, I’ve got some good news for you! Contacting your guardian angels is very simple. But, and I know what you’re thinking, there’s always a but…But, there is one key objective you must achieve, before you can contact your guardian angels. You need to be in a calm peaceful state.

I know what you’re thinking, that isn’t exactly easy these days. Worse still, there’s so many tools and techniques that claim to get you into an instant state of tranquillity. Let me just tell you off the bat, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

That’s why we at Authority Hypnosis have tried and tested all the tool and techniques for you. Well most of them, and by far, the most effective tool is hypnosis.

Simply put, we have created the perfect hypnosis session for you to connect with your Guardian Angels. By listening to this hypnotherapy session, you will achieve the ultimate state of calm and clarity. In this state, you will be able to connect with your Guardian Angels more effectively.

Let’s break it down, anytime you need to make contact with your Guardian Angel, you just play the hypnosis audio file. There’s one important point to remember, just make sure you’re sitting somewhere comfortably, where you won’t be disturbed.

But wait there’s more, by continually listening to this hypnotherapy session, you will strengthen your connection with your guardian angels. Think of it like, strengthening your relationship with your best friends. If this sounds interesting to you, then click on the following link and order our tailor-made hypnosis session today.




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