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Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem does it work?

February 03, 2020

Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem does it work?

Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem does it work

FACT: One of the most common uses for self-hypnosis is confidence/self-esteem building. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to explain just how you might build self-esteem using hypnosis.

As a starting point, let's take a look at how you build self-esteem in the real world. How do you get to the point where doing something out of your comfort zone, just isn't scary anymore?

In short, you just do it and do it until it stops being scary anymore! Hardly a deeply insightful answer, but the truth, none the less. Think of anything you’ve mastered or are really good at. Initially it was difficult and scary at first. But over time, you continued to improve until the fear was replaced with confidence.

Fear, or lack of confidence, is all about uncertainty, and once you have done something long enough, the uncertainty dissolves along with any associated fear.

But what if you're so scared to do something, you can't even get started? Or what if it's not the sort of thing you can practise? Or worse still, the fear of stigma is so overwhelming, it cripples any self-esteem you have?

This is where self-hypnosis comes in. Self-Hypnosis builds a 'bridge' from uncertainty to the destination of desired reality, where you’re already doing what you want to do comfortably! Just think about that for a moment, with the power of positive suggestions embedded into your subconscious mind. You can envision a reality where you’re already comfortable at the very thing you were too afraid to do.

Remember what I’ve always said, your subconscious mind, does not know reality from fiction. It’s exactly that very phenomena which we want to leverage and use to our advantage!

Hypnotherapy to Boost Self Esteem

I’d like to share a real example of what happened with a customer (Mary Fisher, Canada) of ours:

Mary purchased our self-esteem program, as she was terrified of driving her car following a horrible road rage incident. She had been driving home from work one day, when an angry driver had started harassing her. The driver was constantly using his car horn and tailing right behind her dangerously.

Then suddenly the driver performed a hostile overtake, hit the brakes and exited his car. He then walked over to Mary’s car and proceeded to yell at her, while she sat inside her car, frozen in fear.

Worse still, she had a panic attack behind the wheel, when she got back in the car the following day. She tried again and again to get back in the car to drive, but kept on suffering from panic attacks. She realised very quickly, that if this continued, she would be unable to drive ever again!

Now she had bravely got herself to the stage where she could ride in a car, if someone she trusted was driving, but she couldn't drive herself.

Determined not to let her fears get the best of her, Mary tried our self-esteem hypnosis session. She followed a dedicated daily routine of listening to the hypnosis session for a month. As Mary explained to us, the first break through she had, was that she could think differently about the road rage incident.

She could remember the incident but without the panicking, and more importantly, she didn’t experience that same panic, when she sat in her car, holding on to the steering wheel. Then the second breakthrough came, as she started to feel more relaxed about the idea of driving.

Sure enough, one day something clicked in her head, as Mary explained. She took her car keys, sat in the car, started it, and took a short journey to the grocery store and back.

As she mentioned to us, it was like the good old days, just running a regular house errand. Fast forward to the present day, she’s back to driving as usual!

How amazing is that story, truly uplifting, and a great testament to the power of the subconscious mind!

Used in the right way, hypnosis reduces the feeling of uncertainty to tolerable levels, so you can go and do that thing that used to terrify you. Self-Hypnosis builds a bridge over the chasm you have to leap.

But not only this, self-hypnosis gives you the self-esteem that you’re going to be ok when you do it. Because you can trust in yourself, that you’ll do your best.

So to sum up, self-hypnosis works by re-programming the subconscious mind, giving you control over responses that you can’t control consciously. The result is, you have a natural confidence and ability, as you can clearly picture yourself having achieved a desired outcome.

If you’re ready to have a self-esteem of Lion or Lioness, then click on the following link and order our Self Hypnosis to Build Self-Esteem today.




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