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About Us

Authority Hypnosis provides you with the opportunity to benefit from professional therapy with our hypnosis downloads at a time and place of your own choosing, whether this is in your home or some other suitable and comfortable location. You have access to this therapy, whenever you want it and as many times as you feel you need it.

We create, develop, produce and distribute the best self-hypnosis audio programs we can to help stimulate, encourage and provide relief for many physical, psychological and emotional conditions.

We are a company with a strong ethical strategy of honesty and transparency and a commitment to you, our customers. With an emphasis on quality, our exclusive self-hypnosis sessions are produced by the finest in the field of personal change to help target specific problems or life challenges. By combining the best hypnotherapists with our professional approach to audio production, we aim to achieve the wonderful results that we know hypnosis can bring.




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