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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an open state of mind. It is a natural phenomenon, often described as a deep state of relaxation and concentration, wherein the mind becomes distant and detached from everyday cares and concerns. The state of hypnosis is neither sleep nor unconsciousness, but an altered state of awareness, often referred to as a “trance” state. Although, the word trance often has a negative connotation, hypnosis is in fact a positive state. We therefore prefer to describe it as a “hypnotic state” or a state of “creative relaxation.”

Hypnosis works by allowing us to communicate directly with the subconscious, which is the invisible part of our mind, which governs our every waking moment. The by-passing of the so-called “Conscious Critical Faculty” part of our mind, is what allows hypnosis to be so effective. Once newer, better ideas are accepted by the subconscious, they will be acted upon.

The experience of hypnosis is different for each person and there is no such thing as a “hypnotized feeling.” It is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable state of mind. Contrary to what you might have heard from less well-informed sources, an individual in the hypnotic state is in complete control of him or herself at all times, but is simply extraordinarily focused on their internal experience. Hypnosis cannot make you to do anything, or think anything that is not desired, or desirable for you. When hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes, known as hypnotherapy, it can help people in so many ways. Hypnotherapy can help people change unwanted habits and behaviours, overcome fears and phobias, conquer stress and anxiety, and so much more.

Does self hypnosis work for everyone?

It is thought that about five percent of people are classically “un-hypnotizable.” Most people show moderate scores and about ten percent can be hypnotized to extreme depths (and show the classical deep trance phenomena). When it comes to our self hypnosis recordings, depth of trance is not important. If you are willing to listen and to relax as deeply as you can, then you will experience the benefits.

How safe is hypnosis? Should I be worried?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring, beneficial, positive state, and is very safe, when used as directed in our self hypnosis instructions. There are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, including far-fetched tales of people becoming “stuck” and being unable to wake-up. This can never happen and once you understand what hypnosis actually is, then you will have no such concerns. In terms of health and well being, please know that hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation. We expect all medical practitioners would agree on the health benefits of relaxation.

Will self hypnosis totally change me as a person?

Hypnosis cannot alter your basic underlying personality, so please do not worry. You will still be you, but our self hypnosis recordings are designed to help you make the changes you want, in a positive, constructive way.

Can Hypnotherapy cure physical and mental illness?

That is a difficult question to answer. There is evidence that hypnosis has helped many people with recognised illnesses and conditions. However, whether this is a direct result of the hypnosis or as a result of a person’s desire to heal themselves or some other factor, it is difficult to say. What can be safely stated is that hypnosis can help sufferers of many conditions manage and cope with the challenges they face. However, Authority Hypnosis recommends that clients seek clinical or psychiatric intervention where they have a health concern and advise that Hypnotherapy should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical treatment.

Is it better to visit a hypnotherapist or use recordings?

Some people may think that self hypnosis audio downloads are just not as good as visiting a hypnotherapist in person, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. If you have access to one on one hypnotherapy, then that is great, but do not underestimate the use of high quality self hypnosis recordings, such as ours.





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