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Self Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band (Instant MP3 Download)

Everything that happens in your body is communicated through your brain. For example, if you hurt yourself, the affected nerves tell your brain about it. Then your brain tells you to feel pain in the area you’ve been hurt.

The aim of this self-hypnosis is to communicate with your subconscious mind, to convince your brain that there is a Gastric band around your stomach. So, if your brain is convinced that there is a gastric band in place, the same results will happen as if there was a real one in place! You will be losing weight rapidly and more importantly, safely.

This virtual gastric band works in the same way as a physical one. That is, it makes your stomach smaller, so your appetite is significantly reduced. You will feel satisfied that much quicker, even when eating much smaller portions of food than normal!

The self-hypnosis session is 20 minutes long, and even though that may not sound long. It is more than enough time to plant the subconscious suggestion of a Gastric Band being in place around your stomach. The shortness of the session also makes it easier to fit in, around the other tasks of your day to day life!




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